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WARNING: You Will Get Hooked!

PARSIPPANY, NJ - Pat Thai, the acclaimed North Jersey Thai restaurant with a devout cult-like following, relocated in 2007 from its original spot on Bloomfield Avenue in Bloomfield, NJ to a larger space in Parsippany, NJ.

The restaurant, known for its flavorful, fiercely authentic Thai cuisine and laid-back atmosphere, was recently written up on The Munchmobile Blog, authored by Star Ledger’s food critic, Peter Genovese, listed as one of NJ’s Top 25 ‘Cheap Eats’ by New Jersey Monthly magazine, and was featured as one of the Top Three Meals of 2006 by City Belt magazine.


"People travel from as far as Morristown, Stanhope and Wanaque to dine here." co-owner Jerry Hocek explains of the new location. “We’re very happy about the move to Parsippany.” In addition to a larger, airier dining room, bigger booths and tables, and an updated, peaceful décor, the reopened Pat Thai boasts perhaps its greatest new amenity – private bathrooms. “The original Pat Thai had to share bathrooms with the former landlord’s dive bar next door. Bar patrons throwing darts en route to the bathrooms were actually the least of your concerns” Jerry recalls of the old space, which housed seating for twenty in a cozy, hole-in-the-wall type storefront.

Pat herself, the owner, head chef and namesake of the Thai food gem, hails from Surin, Thailand, an area recognized for its habit-forming regional cuisine (and home to the world famous Elephant Roundup Festival). She began her stateside career in January 2000, when she arrived in NYC for the first time wearing wonderfully fashionable high-heeled shoes – in the middle of a blizzard. After obtaining the proper footwear, Pat found employment at a popular sandwich spot in Hell’s kitchen, where she rose quickly through the ranks to the management level.

After two years cutting her teeth in NYC, Pat shifted her sights to Jersey, and Bloomfield’s Pat Thai was born. Focusing on complex, authentic flavors, home-style preparations, and the joys of a relaxed, homemade meal, the restaurant soon generated an underground following and the attention of ethnic food aficionados across the region. Jerry, an Internet Marketing Consultant and a customer of the Bloomfield eatery at the time, built Pat a simple, but far-reaching website. Soon people from across New Jersey were browsing the menu on the website, and flocking to Bloomfield and unavoidably getting hooked on Pat’s cuisine.

istock_eggplant_entree_cropPat Thai differs from other similar restaurants in that the food is truly made to order by knowledgeable hands. Pat and her talented mother, a former proprietor of a successful confectionary business in Thailand, and several other highly skilled staff members man the kitchen. Pat Thai’s extensive menu offers over a hundred authentic Thai options for western palates and ethnic-food hounds alike. With its addictively calm, unpretentious atmosphere, patron-friendly Pat Thai is the perfect spot for a bottle of wine and some good conversation.


Take-out and catering is also available.


Dishes Pictured *Photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual dishes may appear different than photo.

This page - Top left image: Menu item #42 - Pad Kraprow with chopped chicken and shrimp added, served with jasmine rice 17.95 (add 2.00 to top with fried egg).

Bottom right image: Menu item #92 - Sautéed Eggplant with Fried Tofu added, served with jasmine rice 13.95


Main page - Top: Menu item #8 - Chicken  Satay appetizer $6.95 / Middle: Menu item #57 Pad Thai witth shrimp 13.95 / Bottom: Menu item #54 Panang Curry with pork 11.95


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